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Job Assured Training Program
Pixels Infotech specializes in providing Job oriented training in web technologies to aspiring professionals. We have designed courses that are tailor-made for every aspect of Web Technology and students who enroll in our Organisation get the opportunity to become complete professionals be it Web Designing, Web Development and Web Programmer.
Basic Web Technologies
Adobe Photoshop
HTML 4.01
CSS 2.0
CSS 3.0
Java Script
Adobe Flash
Web Designing Course Syllabus
Adobe Photoshop CS3
Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
Using Photoshop Tools
Layers, Actions and Filters
Creating Custom Effects
Design Banners for Website
Basic Website Layout
Design Complex Webpage Layout
Conversation of PSD to HTML
Adobe Dreamweaver
Introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver
Tools in Dreaweaver.
Adding Content and Multimedia.
Creating user submission forms.
Importing a website design
Using DWT Template
Markup Languages
Structure of HTML
Basic / Advanced HTML Tags
Designing with CSS
Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets
Types of style sheets
Converting Table layout to CSS
Custom CSS Layout Design
Creating simple and dropdown menus
Creating Appealing forms using CSS
  * Course Duration 45 Days
Adobe Flash
Introduction to Animation
Tools in Adobe Flash
Shape Tween and Motion Tween
Frame Animation
Various Flash Effects
Creating Flash Banners
Creating Flash Intro’s
Creating Flash Website
  Basics of Action Scripting.
Session 1   Introduction to open source technologies and licensing issues. Brief in sight in to the History of Internet and technologies available for web enabled applications.  Under standing  (LAMP) Linux, Apache, MySQL, XAMPP Installation
Session2 PHP Fundamentals Data Types, Variables, Constants, Expressions, Operators, Control Structures, LOOPS
Session3 PHP Arrays Indexed Arrays, Associate Arrays, Two-Dimensional  arrays. Working with Array manipulation function.
Session4 PHP Functions PHP Function definition and Syntax, Arguments, References . User defined functions, Internal functions. Pass by value and Pass by reference , Variable scope , PHP Include() and PHP reference
Session5 PHP HTML Forms PHP Form Handling, PHP Validation, PHP Required, URL-Email  PHP GET PHP POST PHP Form Validation
Session6   PHP File Handling Open/Read Create/Write and Up load.
Session7   Understanding php.ini file and setting and modifying the default values. How to secure the PHP code using php.ini file.
Session8   PHP Sessions, Holding a session variable destroying session variable and Starting a PHP session.
Session9   PHP Error Handling, PHP Exception Handling and PHP Filter Trapping. Creating Custiom error Handling.
Session10   PHP Super Global s accessing through forms  and functions. PHP FUNCTIONS like DATE/TIME STRING Manipulations
Session11   Introduction to LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP).  Setting up Apache server with PHP And MYSQL SUPPORT. Running  phpinfo() function to  get PHP details.
Session12   PHP MYSQL Connect  and RDBMS concepts. General PHP SQL statements like Create DB/Table, insert, Delete,Update, WHERE, Order BY Clauses and PHP ODBC
Session 13   PHP AJAX   Accessing XML files through AJAX . Connecting and Fetching records from a database using AJAX
Session 14 PHP Objects Introductions to Object Oriented Programming in PHP
Session15 PHP XML Understanding how PHP XML XPAT PARSER handles XML Files in PHP
Web Programing
SQL Server
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