Pixels Infotech's goal is to constantly look for more ways wherein we can help make the world a better place.


Medical studies have revealed that every pint of blood can save up to three lives. Its reported that every 2 seconds, someone in India is in need of blood. Most of these are among the vulnerable lot and they include premature infants, children being treated for cancer and children having heart surgeries and also adult patients suffering from cancer and trauma problems and not to forget, surgical patients and those with battlefield injuries. All of them require platelet transfusions to survive. Blood donated can add upto whole Blood that can be used to replace massive blood loss due to illness or surgery or injury.

Pixels Infotech believes in the importance of blood donation and how much it can do to save the lives of people while bringing about satisfaction among blood donors at no physical or financial cost.

Pixels Infotech employees have proudly taken part in Blood Donation Camps twenty five times and have helped brought about a qualitative difference in the health and lives of people in dire need of blood. Today, we feel proud to be known for our humaneness while highlighting the importance of blood donation initiative.


Pixels Infotech has conducted and provided training courses on web design and its implementation, to more than 50 poor children. The training covered all aspects of web designing.

The training course helped familiarize the participants with the relevance of web designing and the important aspects in the design of web pages using Dreamweaver and so on. The other topics disseminated during training camps included web layout and design, user interface principles, web interactivity and integration of multimedia elements. The training helped the trainees to develop great sites that will be well structured and platform independent.

Today, we feel proud that many of Pixels Infotech students are working in reputed MNCs.

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