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Our ASP.NET Web Development Services Include:

Our company is engaged in offering quality ASP.Net development designs and integrates applications based on the Microsoft based technology. Starting from the conceptualization to the completion of the project, our team provides comprehensive solutions. Our competent programmers, developers and software coders work in coordination with our clients and display the capabilities of Microsoft. Net network. It offers various advantages such as lower costs, greater maintainability and accelerated development time. With the help of the experience of our developers, we have been able to offer customized ASP.Net Application Development services to clients worldwide.

Our services include:

  •  Web Portal Development in ASP.Net - B2B, B2C
  •  E-Commerce Web Application Development in ASP.NET
  •  Ad Management ASP.NET application development
  •  XML Web Application Development in ASP.NET
  •  Migration from Visual Basic 6.0 to ASP.NET
  •  Windows Custom Application Development
  •  ASP.NET Shopping Cart Application Development India
  •  MS-SQL and ASP.NET Custom Web Application Development
  •  Web Application Migration from ASP to ASP.NET
  •  SOAP based scalable application development
  •  Custom Website Development in ASP.NET & MS-SQL
  •  Atlas ASP.NET Web Application Development
  •  ASP.NET Content Management System (CMS) Development
  •  Web Services based Application Development
  •  AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) Web Application Development in ASP.NET
  •  And Much more

  •  No license fees
  •  Efficiency by developing features as per your needs
  •  Time saving as you will only work on your opted modules
  •  Keeping your business and requirements up-to-date
  •  Reducing cost since new features are developed only when needed
  •  Provision of custom services to give you an upper hand and ease of work
  •  Provision of business processes for which software are unavailable in the market
  • Our company is engaged in offering customized software development services. We develop and integrate customized software products for various industry verticals. We can also migrate existing applications to latest platforms. Whether it's a new software product, existing product, offline product, redesign or an online tool, our developers have the capability of developing both. We make use of tools such as MicroSoft.Net, J2EE, PHP, ASP, ASP.Net, C#, VB.Net keeping in mind your ideas and requirement and develop world class product. At our organization, we completely understand your requirements and therefore work towards attaining maximum client satisfaction. Our forte in custom software development has acquired us a reputed clientele in the competitive market.

    We work on a result oriented approach to provide our clients comprehensive solutions. Out in-house team experts and experienced software developers always come out with out-of-the-box solutions. From design to delivery, we maintain a systematic approach in each operation. Further, our economical and constant research on current industry trendsl help us in designing the best application for our clients.

    Our company is capable of providing software development solutions by making use of Java technology. We offer designing and development solutions to deliver software that competently utilizes the services available from Java application servers. With the help of our experienced JAVA/J2EE development, we deliver complete enterprise e-Business solutions. They make use of J2EE and J2ME environments that also include Java and Java Server Pages (JSP), XML technology to build large scale applications as per the set standards. Further, by making use of Visual Studio .Net, SQL Server, and Microsoft Office, it helps in increasing productivity of the custom database Applications.


  •  Java Servlets
  •  Custom software development & software integration
  •  Multi-threaded programming
  •  Server Side Components
  •  Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)
  • Further, Experience of our team allows us to offer complete J2EE Applications Integration Such as:

  •  Core and Networking APIs
  •  EDI Support
  •  Support for both Windows and Unix platforms
  •  JDBC Connectivity
  •  Java Messaging Services (JMS)
  • Our Software development team works has hands on experience in diverse industries that brings us excellent knowledge and understanding, technical expertise and result oriented management. Our services are designed to handle huge database load.

    Our company Custom Solutions and Applications:

  •  Time saving as you will only work on your opted modules
  •  Provides tailored services
  •  Provides business processes for which software's are unavailable in the market
  •  Keep your business and requirements up-to-date
  •  No license fees, resulting in reduction of cost
  •  Renders efficiency
  • When you contact us with your java development requirement, we provide you with a proposal that will include the estimations of the workload, time frame and the cost. Once we receive the project, our developers start analyzing and designing the system so that our understanding of system remains in tandem with you. We spend sufficient time on studying and surveying the scope of the applications of the software and business procedures. Working under the guidance of our Project Manager, the development team initiates the software development as per the time and schedule set. At Our company, we keep you informed about the status of the development at each stage of the project.


    We are engaged in providing custom application development with spontaneous user interfaces that can be incorporated with the enterprise systems of varied organizations. Our system analysts and developers completely understand your application requirements and prepare architecture, tests and finally implement it. Further, we rely on set industry practices and thoroughly test our applications in order to ensure faultless delivery.


  •  Web Enabled Application
  •  Net Application Development
  •  Web Application Development
  •  E-commerce Application Development
  •  Offshore Project Development

  •  PHP content management system (CMS)
  •  Custom web site design/redesign and development
  •  MYSQL PHP Programming, script installing, modification, and PHP Script repairs
  •  PHP shopping cart
  •  PHP Programming
  •  Custom PHP and MYSQL web programming
  •  Database development (php/MySQL/mssql)
  •  PHP forum

  •  Support and Enhancement of existing applications in .NET
  •  Database design
  •  E-Commerce development
  •  Website architecture design
  •  Application Development using .NET
  •  Conversion of legacy system data
  •  Porting of Legacy applications to .NET based applications
  •  Ajax/Atlas Development
  •  User Interface design
  •  Migration web based and other applications to .NET
  •  Net desktop application development Designing and Programming using .NET
  •  ASP.Net development with C# or VB.Net
  •  Provides custom services
  •  Provides business processes for which software's are unavailable in the market
  •  Keeps your business requirements up-to-date
  •  No license fees, resulting in reduction of cost
  •  Time saving as you will only work on your opted modules
  •  Customer management
  •  Credit card processing
  •  File management
  •  Membership management
  •  Shopping carts
  •  Products catalogues
  •  Order tracking
  •  Mailing systems
  •  Integrated search
  •  Electronic newsletter
  •  Restricted Access areas
  • Our PHP Development Solutions:

  •  Our highly qualified developers can easily manage product catalogue development to payment gateway integration, order tracking and processing, inventory tracking and discount functions.
  •  Our companyWeb offers you a secure payment option that will help your clients to trust your available payment options. You can Hire PHP Developer & .NET Developer for quality Ecommerce solution.
  •  You can obtain remarkable benefits by having an ecommerce website.
  •  Can target the end clients directly.
  •  Very affordable online business option.
  •  Can develop new relationships with customers and potential business associates.
  •  Easily increase brand and product awareness.
  •  Easily target your market anywhere in the world.
  • Web is constantly changing and bringing new opportunities to streamline operations. Web portal is one such mode that is easy and resourceful offering services such as forums, search engines, e-mail and online shopping malls that help users in interacting with other internet users globally. Web portal is basically a website personal or an enterprise portal that can also be made available to provide information to the online world in different fields.

    Our company offers its know-how in building interactive, novel & competent solutions for their clients. We provide services as per the needs of clients based in the following industry verticals:

  •  Enterprise Portals
  •  E-commerce Portal
  •  JOB Site Web Portal
  •  Enterprise portals or websites
  •  Job portal Development India
  •  Entertainment Portal Development
  •  Online Travel portal (web site)
  •  Knowledge Portal Development
  •  B2B portal development
  •  Shopping Cart Portal Development USA, Europe, Denmark, Norway, Germany
  •  Corporate Intranet Portals
  •  B2C portal development
  • Our organization believes that each aspect of a solution whether it's the user interface, technology, back end system or process designed, must have the maximum flexibility that allows the companies to adapt the change in order to decrease time in making.

    Community Portal Development

    Our business objective is to set up and enhance interaction with clients and also increase market awareness for company brands. In order to achieve translation of relationships into e-commerce opportunities, web portal is designed. As per the requirements, community portal can also be broad-based / horizontal or vertical portals.

    E-Market Place Portal Development

    We develop e-marketplaces that help in bringing buyers and sellers together on the net to trade, facilitate inter-business transactions, bid/quote exchange and make multi-vendor catalogues and auctions. E-Marketplace portal development is developed using renowned B2B platforms and keeping clients preferences and various aspects of building in mind.

    Enterprise Portal Development

    In order to attain a reputable position in the competitive market today, it has become a requisite for the enterprises to provide business information to employees, clients, suppliers and partners. The USP of enterprise portals is that they provide second generation of intranet technologies providing basics such as information taxonomy, search and news related to the enterprise.

    Intranet Portal Development

    Intranet is like internet but right to use the facilities is restricted to one organization or company only. Intranet portals provide employees with information such as memos, research papers, company news, HR documents, company reports and client information. It means that data is available within your organization, but protected from unethical use from outside.


    Our company is proud participant of the modern trend in the industry and customer-centric mobile applications. After deploying more than 50 apps on different mobile platforms such as iphone, Android, Blackberry, we are now an expert mobile application development firm offering full-spectrum, end-to end services across various categories such as travel, business, utilities, entertainment and gaming amongst a variety of others.

    We at our company offer custom mobile (iphone, iPad, Blackberry, Android) application development on various mobile operating platforms like iOS (iOS 4 and its later versions), Android (3.1) BlackBerry OS etc. Having developed mobile applications for a broad array, we lack no capability when it comes to developing mobile applications for the newer phones such as iphone 3G, iphone 4 or the iPad 2 or the latest versions of Blackberry or Android. Our mobile apps developers use the latest operating systems to develop highly interactive applications which are extremely user friendly and offer functional excellence. So far our development team has delivered mobile application for our customers in United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia and European Countries such as Ireland, United Kingdom and Italy.

    Mobile Application is the Best Solution to Eliminate Communication Delays

    Our mobile application development expertise includes:

  •  Mobile device interface addition to existing applications
  •  Solutions based on mobile platform leveraging on Maps, GPS and GPRS technologies
  •  Usability testing of the mobile applications from a end user's perspective
  •  Smart applications development to provide easy and rich user experience
  •  Mobile-enable company notification services or massaging to make sure that mobile sales and service force possess the correct information when and where they require.
  •  Support your existing enterprise applications through mobile compatibility

    Advancement of iphone applications is one the most popular device in today's time. iphone has an ability to blend the power of internet with remarkable technology and unusual features.


    Our company is backed by a skilled team to develop blackberry applications. We meet all your business specific requirements and real-time information.


    We design android mobile apps developer making use of Google Android Platform for Smartphone's. Combined with flexible features and compatibility, we create most up-to-date applications.



    Custom Android Mobile Application and Game Development for Google Android OS Based Mobiles Android Application Development make use of Google Android OS platform, which is highly renowned for its predictive designs, compatibility with numerous networks and capacity for game-changing applications.


    In recent times, use of Android phones has boomed a lot. It's an important application used to develop powerful and unique mobile applications. Google Android is an open source platform incorporating an operating system, middleware and key applications developed by Google and Open Handset Alliance. The Google Android OS helps developers to write code on Java based language that makes use of Google-developed Java libraries for creating remarkable Android Application Development. Google's Android Mobile Operating System has a lot of advantages when it comes to develop applications for the android mobile phone.

    Few of its advantages are mentioned below:

  •  Android being a Google Open Source Platform provides Android app developers the right to do whatever they want with the Operating System for Android Application Development
  •  Android applications provide a wide range of benefits for mobile application developers. It is easy to handle and easy to execute too.
  •  Custom Android Apps integrated in your Android Mobile handset increase its functionality and productivity
  • Owing to the rapidly increasing demand of Android applications, the future of Google Android OS and custom Android Application Development seems to be very promising with the kind of flexibility and stability this platform is offering. At Our company, we offer a complete range of Android development services such as design & implementation of utility applications, web-based applications, Multimedia mobile solutions and Java applications .Some of the famous Android Application

    categories that our experts have worked upon are:

  •  Internet Applications
  •  Fun Applications
  •  Security Applications
  •  Travel Applications
  •  Business Applications
  •  Multimedia Applications
  •  Communication Applications
  •  Utility Applications
  • Providing a strong competition to other mobile application technologies and with a higher number of companies opting out for the Android OS enabled mobile handsets, Android is slowly but steadily seizing the mobile phone market with an increasing number of loyal customers worldwide.

    Capitalizing upon the benefits of being free and utilizing open source technology by the Linux kernel developed by the giant software developer Google and its alliances (65 technology and mobile companies), this platform surely has potential to outplay its competitors in the near future!

    Hire Professional Android App Developers from India with Vast Experience of Latest Technologies

    Android, being an open source J2ME (Java Micro Edition) integrated platform with Linux as its base, offers a diverse spectrum of infinite application development capabilities. The features that this technology possess and can integrate into are just amazingly versatile. It is a perfect platform to develop applications for the Android powered mobile phones. Some of the features are as follows:

  •  The Android OS supports integration of GSM, EDGE, CDMA, EV-DO, MTS WI-FI and Bluetooth enabling the exchange of data across any network.
  •  Android has created a huge library of 2D and 3D graphics, images, audio and video files like MPEG4, AMR, AMR-WB, MP3, AAC, JPG, BMP, GIF, WAVE, MIDI, H.263, etc.
  •  Complete support for full touch screen, camera, GPS, accelerometer, magnetometer, etc.
  •  Integration of GTalk with P2P
  • In today's competitive mobile phone world, users across the globe prefer feature-packed devices with extended functionalities. These desires can easily be satisfied through the Android powered handsets by developing customized Android applications to address the end user's requirements, as it is a very powerful platform to integrate any functionality.

    Why our company?

    We, at Our company, have been in the field of Android web application development for quite some time now. With an effervescent and highly experienced team, we are well-equipped in incorporating the latest technologies that this platform offers. Our Android app developers possess sound knowledge of Android SDK (Software Development Kit) and can address any challenge successfully. It has been our constant endeavor to broaden our horizons. We strive to develop Android applications with the use of comprehensive set of Android tools.

    We can develop applications for the following categories at a very affordable price:

  •  Money Tracker
  •  Finance
  •  Games
  •  Healthcare
  •  GPS and Travel
  •  Entertainment
  •  Cross platform development
  •  And many more!
  • The challenge lies in successfully developing applications for diverse range of Android enabled mobile handsets that this amazing platform creates


    Now, you have the power to develop custom Apps that are imperative for you! Avail our custom Blackberry Application Development services. From email-to-phone, organizer, applications, games and internet, it's an answer to all your business specific needs.


    Blackberry Application Development is required to provide perfect balance between user experience and prolonged battery life. While designing blackberry applications, specific features or characteristics of the mobile device such as screen size, memory capacity, battery life and screen appearance have to be kept in mind that may affect the development process. Blackberry user is known to make use of applications on its device in a different way than on a computer. Blackberry Apps Development is done mainly using two software platforms, Java Virtual Machine J2ME and MDS out of which, J2ME is till date the most updated platform that offers maximum functionality. It provides an access to the ever increasing client base for the Blackberry smart phones. Thus, with the Blackberry Smart phone, the users have much more liberty and authority to develop their custom apps. Our Blackberry development has expertise in developing mobile applications and they ensure to make use of their skills and various tools like Eclipse and Microsoft Visual Studio and also a number of advancement approaches that includes Java and web. They are proficient in designing that enables users the ease to perform tasks and access information swiftly.


  •  Content delivery applications
  •  Internet based applications
  •  Smartphone solutions
  •  Get high quality, innovative games development
  •  Game development services
  •  Blackberry mobile, with our Blackberry
  •  Client/Server application
  •  BlackBerry games development
  •  Business-to-consumer applications
  •  Migration of applications from J2ME to Blackberry and vice versa
  •  ERP applications
  •  Wireless entertainment
  •  Rich multimedia applications
  •  Business intelligence applications
  •  CRM applications

    In today's volatile business market, business people are constantly searching for new sophisticated business solutions in order to increase their spectrum of consumers by integrating newer, smarter technologies that is also relevant to their requirements.

    Introduced in 2002, BlackBerry mobile phone revolutionized their world into becoming an indispensable smart business phone. It was designed exclusively keeping in mind the business class people in order to meet all their routine entrepreneurial requirements effectively. The whole purpose of this feature-packed mobile phone is that it helps them keep in line with up-to-date information of their businesses by allowing various applications customized specifically for them.

    Save the Time and Money by Using Blackberry Web Application Development Services

    BlackBerry applications can be developed using either the Java Micro Edition (J2ME) platform or MDS. Our skillful BlackBerry application development team can develop smart applications with the integrated J2ME platform yielding better functionality which allows the applications to run smoothly even in the background.

    Utilizing the server side push technology, our skilled BlackBerry professionals can develop and port all types of IM clients, sports applications and instant information updates. Its ability to furnish instant information makes this wonderful smart phone addictive.

    Similarly, our talented BlackBerry application developers can effectively optimize the BlackBerry basic SPP (Serial Port Profile) which allows integration of OBEX (Object Exchange Profile) and OPP (Object Push Profile) to support Bluetooth hardware like printer, audio/video players, etc. in the creation of the applications. By exploiting the Location API, our developers can develop compelling applications by leveraging on the integrated GPS functionality.

    In short, the users will have all the liberty to customize their applications to their precise requirements. The BlackBerry application development offers great flexibility and customization to the end users. And with the BlackBerry 6 offering 40 APIs, stunning visual details, rich user friendly experience, it has surpassed all the expectations by offering newer and more user friendly applications.

    Our company, have proven expertise and could be your right choice in BlackBerry application development. With our experience and established expertise, you can be assured to receive the most interactive and flexible BlackBerry solutions for all your application development requests.

    We conduct Apple iphone Apps development by making use of advanced technology. Our strength lies in designing and developing applications that seamlessly integrate with iphone 3G environment. We expertise in using our technical know how so that clients receive complete satisfaction, and it also provides an opportunity to develop incredible web applications that combine the power of internet Multi-touch technology for the 3.5 inch screen.


    Ever since Apple iphone has entered into the mobile market, it has completely revolutionized the way of using cell phones. With its increased functionality and enhanced user interface, Apple iphone has become a highly dependable cell phone in the competitive market. Our iphone application developers evaluate many features such as events, memory, network activity and user events of your iphone so that you receive the application you require. These days, Apple iphone 3GS is getting immense popularity. It offers exciting features touch-screen and built-in accelerometer. Owing to its wide range of applications, it also provides various opportunities to iphone 3GS developers/programmers for programming custom apps through creative iphone Application Development.


    Our organization makes use of Xcode, which is Apple's integrated development (IDE) for custom Apple iphone applications development. We have an experienced team of iphone application developers, who are well adept in making use of Xcode that provides you with the requisite tools to design specific user interface and also write the code. With the help of professional iphone 3GS application programmers/ application developers, we work on specific ideas and then design bespoke application for iphone sets. Our team of professionals performs various tasks as per the nature of the application that also includes creative Add-ons & Plug-ins, iphone content advancement, incorporation of inbuilt features with OS architecture, various upgrades & enhancements. Our talented programmers and developers make use of objective C programming language with COCOA (object-oriented application program for the Mac OS X operating system) for high end iphone app development. They make use of XHTML, DHTML, AJAX and CSS technologies and they also have immense know how in Graphics design (2D and 3D) for mobile application development.


    Our company offers clients a comprehensive range of iphone 3GS and iphone application development services. Having an experience of more than three years in developing custom applications for Apple iphone, we have provided iphone apps services across various categories such as business, entertainment, travel, education, sports and lifestyle. Further, our proficient iphone programmers utilize iphone SDK platform for building original and creative applications for your cell phones. Apart from this, they always ready for handling projects of any kind and deliver you within the stipulated time frame. Our company has designed iPhone applications for clients based worldwide in varied categories and always looks forward to meet the demands of the existing and prospective clients.


    With the launch of Apple iphone OS 4.0 with an updated SDK having over 1,500 new Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and over 100 new features, it has opened a multitude of opportunities that are expected to open up difficult iphone application development and improved usage. We also develop new multidimensional iphone SDK 4.0 that helps in developing custom iPod applications. Moreover, our experts have requisite skills and they ensure that the new improved version of the iphone OS is used. Hire iphone OS 4.O application developers from our organization for your any iphone application. You will be required to appoint the resource on a weekly and monthly contract basis.


    Innovative and expert iPad Apps Development offers rich and unique media experiences that help clients to connect with the iPad. It is well known that iphone and iPod touch applications are required to work well in an iPad. At Our company, our expert iPad developer focuses mainly on iPad Application Development which is meant only for the marvel device. Therefore, at Our company, our expert iPad developer focuses mainly on iPad Application Development which is meant only for the marvel device. Our organization is renowned for offering quality iPad application solutions at reasonable prices. We have the selected workforce that has an ability to think out of the box and create resourceful iPad Apps customized to your needs and requirements. We have more than three years of experience in developing apps for various mobile devices that also includes the modern day iphone. We expertise in iPad apps programming, designing and developing several complex custom applications across various categories such as:

    Ever since its introduction in the year 2007, iphone has taken the world by surprise and ruled the smart mobile phone market. With its extremely sensitive and a complete touch screen, stylish, sleek and elegant design besides its captivatingly smooth curves and edges, breathtaking retina display and above all, an user interface which supports all types of applications including the third party making iphone an ideal platform for the application developers worldwide.

    Developing iphone application is easier compared to other smart phones as it only requires a little knowledge of iphone SDK (Software Development Kit). But, to develop customized iphone applications is not just everybody's cup of tea! It requires special talent and technical skill to integrate the latest technology and deliver precise, specific applications. Our team of iphone application developers is an expert in the field who possesses in-depth knowledge of iphone SDK and can harness its full potential to deliver tailor-made applications which suit the clients' requirements.

    Iphone Application Development Services Help to Enhance or Increase Revenue

    To develop iphone applications, one needs to have reasonable knowledge on at least two things: Objective C, based on which iphone applications are developed and secondly, Cocoa Programming, which is the programming language naturally used for iOS and MAC OS. Our talented iphone application developers have proven expertise in these technologies and can successfully integrate them to deliver amazing applications for the end users. Our developers possess a sound knowledge of iOS 3 and iOS 4, who can exploit the UI to its fullest potential and develop amazing yet customized applications

    We, at Our company have a highly skillful iphone application development team that can address any of your issues and build up feature-packed iphone applications for the followings:

  •  Finance
  •  Education/Learning
  •  Healthcare
  •  Sports
  •  Games
  •  Travel
  •  Weather
  •  News
  •  Entertainment
  •  Stock/Investment
  •  Social Networking
  •  Search related tools
  • Our iphone Application Portfolio

  •  My Materials App
  •  Screen Test App
  • My Materials App


    My Materials is a new and free way for contractors across all trades to get quotes for the construction materials they need using their iphone. Simply select the supplier category (9 to choose from), fill in our request for quote form with the materials you need and submit it. We will then match you to the 5 most suitable local suppliers who will contact you directly with their best offers.


  •  Get quotes from multiple suppliers by submitting you material list only once.
  •  Compare supplier quotes and get the best deal.
  •  Access the service while on site or in the van.
  • Screen Test App


    This app, developed by NHS Black pool, means you can discreetly order a home testing kit for Chlamydia or find out where your nearest GUM clinic is where you can arrange to have a test.

    Designed to tie in with other cinema-themed promotions aimed at encouraging 18 to 24 year olds in the Black pool area to get tested for this often symptomless sexually transmitted infection, the app also features a 'just for fun' Screen Test quiz. Simply choose a category and find out which movie character's personality you are most like by answering a few quick questions. You can take the Screen Test as often as you like choosing different categories and compare the results with those of your friends.

    The app also gives you more info on Chlamydia itself, explains how to order the kit and what to do next. You simply fill in your details on the app itself and choose how you want to be notifying about your results. The idea behind the app is to make testing easy and discreet without the need to visit a clinic or see your doctor. At the same time, it gives you the chance to take charge of your sexual health and put your mind at rest if you have any concerns about having potentially contracted Chlamydia.

    Privacy Policy

    The Screen Test app is managed by NHS Black pool which takes the privacy of information provided by users of this app seriously. By using this app you consent to the privacy practices laid down in this policy. We do not capture or store personal information about individuals who use this app, except where this information is given voluntarily on our form. We do however collect statistical information which is not person identifiable. Please be aware that this app is not necessarily secure and therefore NHS Black pool would ask you not to use the app to send information where you wish confidentiality to be assured.

    What we do with personal information When you choose to complete our app form, the personal information you give us is used by NHS Black pool to respond to your request for a Chlamydia Home Testing Kit.NHS Black pool will Endeavour to safeguard your personal information and will not pass it on to any third party without your permission or lawful authority. How we use general usage information

    In order to provide general usage information, NHS Black pool uses systems which log and analyze the various data made available when you download and use the app. This information is not person identifiable and will only be used for statistical purposes. This information cannot be traced back to an individual mobile device unless you voluntarily provide personal information by completing the request form.

    Notification of changes

    NHS Black pool may revise this Privacy Policy at any time. You will not receive notification of these changes but the amended version will be made available on this site.



    DUI iCard is a mobile application designed for law enforcement field officers at all levels of experience that are employed in investigating impaired drivers.DUI iCard is designed to assist officers in documenting DUI investigations from the initial contact of the driver, conducting the standardized field sobriety tests to the chemical test admonition and ending with the Micronized statements. When the officer begins the DUI investigation, the mobile app is started and assists in documenting the investigation through capture documents within the application. This includes a photo capture option that can be emailed to any email address when completed.

    The DUI iCard includes these important features:

  •  Three validated tests that comply with NHTSA standards
  •  Includes pre-test questions and input fields
  •  Photo option attaches image to final emailed document
  •  Miranda warning with time stamp
  •  Includes time stamps for the arrest and blood drawb
  •  Guidelines on administering each test properly per NHTSA
  •  Email to any email address for future use
  •  Save and edit page for a default email address
  • DUI iCard does not store any of the information from the input fields. This helps prevent it from becoming discoverable in court. Once the evaluation forms are emailed the application is reset for the next evaluation


    Icon, app display name and splash screen is changed according to application name. Also, there was mistake in 2nd last screen which is fixed now.

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